Corporate: Executive Team Recalibrate

8-week self-study program, confidential 1-1 and weekly group Shift Coaching

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Are you and your executive team running on empty? Is inspiration at the end of its tether, and feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion bubbling under the surface.

Do you suspect that members of your team are using coping behaviors?

Alcohol, smoking, over-work, and over-thinking are all the antithesis of effective, iconic leadership.

The fact is that there is a huge correlation between highly motivated people and addictive behaviors. Imagine your team members being freed up from needing to cope, and instead thrive.

Out-dated methods work on stress management, resilience and coping. The Calibration Shift is a paradigm shift that removes the notion of stress! It removes anxiety!

The Calibration Shift is to a life where peace of mind, and joy are upper-most.

Benefits to your team

How would the Calibration Shift benefit you and your team, as individuals and as valued members of the whole?

This is no ordinary program of leadership or human behavior. This really is blue sky reinvention, because The Calibration Shift not only removes the clouds, but it also brightens the sun itself!

Offer your team The Calibration Shift for reactive and preventative corporate wellbeing and alignment.

What is the format?

8-week self-study program, confidential 1-1 and weekly group Shift Coaching.

This can be offered for members of the team exploring and growing together, or as a self-study option.

Individual executives and CEOs, please see Premium Services for 1-1 support, and the group program, Recalibrate.