Do you live at the highest levels in life, but still find yourself reaching for the something to fill the gap?

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Does your life on paper seem perfect, but do you have a nagging feeling that something is missing? Are you tired of searching for fleeting peace and happiness only to have it fade away again?

Your world is about to get a powerful & sublime uplift. A new, beautiful world

where science, psychology and deep spiritual fulfillment meet, where your world transcends to a whole, new level.

We’re talking the highest pinnacles. Joy and happiness. Serenity and peace — where the untold glorious freedom is waiting for you.

The breakthrough?It’s all about The Calibration Shift.

When you reach all your goals, for many high achievers, something seems to be missing.

Chances are you’re still searching for that something. So what do you do next?

All too often, it’s to add another zero to company profits or complete another personal development project, or pour another glass of wine, but something still seems to be missing: you don't feel complete.

What you need is a seismic paradigm shift of thought — where you experience your ultimate authentic self, which makes The Calibration Shift the answer to all your needs.

So lean into your life, and together we will transcend beyond a mere paradigm shift to a place of freedom and the pure essence of You — without the constraints of a fast, destructive, and over-doing it lifestyle.

If you fall into the category of over-doing it in daily life – over-working, over-drinking, over-thinking, over-smoking, over-agitated, over-anxious, or over-stressed, we’ll make it all vanish 100%.

With The Calibration Shift, we dive deep underneath it all, and explore with compassion, science, psychology and spirit.

What’s the outcome?

We reveal the essence of you, the very core of who you are — and the freedoms within you.

Today is the day when you can change your present and perception of future. It’s time to embrace The Calibration Shift — so you step into your full power.

You’ll soar higher than ever before and live life being real and completely authentic. You’ll experience more joy, more peace, and more fulfilment.

I’m here to guide you on your way, to unlock your hidden potential. The Calibration Shift clears the clouds to reveal the sunlight that is you.


It’s a breakthrough mind, spirit and science-based method for liberation. As soon as you go through The Calibration Shift, you open up to bright new and happy freedom. Here you tap into your raw power source and beam with confidence in everything you do. Daily life will shine brighter than ever before, where you’re surrounded with infinite wisdom and the ultimate freedom of being.

The best of it?The Calibration Shift eradicates all those restrictive habits that take their toll on you.

You’ll be free of being over-burdened as you learn to finally let go and enter into a new way of being, doing, and seeing.

Welcome to The Calibration Shift.A whole new life story awaits you.

I am Michaela Weaver.

Your life is about to change as you reach the highest pinnacle; from addiction to freedom, overwork to pure performance, over-thinking to peace. Your paradigm shift is the ultimate Calibration Shift. We rewrite your story as you recalibrate your life. Using my ground-breaking science-based methods, you’ll experience The Calibration Shift for yourself. As a high achiever, you’ll be free to live your life without any restrictions. Instead, you’ll thrive in all aspects of your work, personal life, and family life with wonder, awe, and perfect fulfilment.

How am I so sure? Well, it happened to me. Over a ten-year period, I over-smoked, over-drank, over-worked, and over-stressed while juggling a demanding career and raising a family at home. I lived with high expectations and worked under intense pressure, personally and professionally. Addictions, stress, and anxiety were embedded into my daily life. My descent was ugly, embarrassing, and shameful — affecting everything and everyone around me. Trapped in an unfulfilling existence, I’d lost sense of who I really was and decided enough was enough. I shone a BIG spotlight on my addictive, overdoing-it lifestyle and found the answers after studying addiction science, neuroscience, spirit and psychology. Fast forward to today, and that’s how The Calibration Shift was born. It’s a new level of consciousness that connects with your authentic self to eradicate overdoing negativities and self-destructive behaviour to shift your inner paradigm – unleashing your inherent power to live an elevated life bursting with peace, joy, and fulfilment.